During the time the church was forming groups for the purpose of going through the “Experiencing God” study, there was a need to form one that would meet during the day.  This ultimately met the needs of interested women regardless of age who were seeking to be a part of such a group.

Since the study of “Experiencing God” many years ago, women have continued to show interest in a day-time study of the Bible.  What started then has now become FEAST (Fellowship, Encouragement and Study Together).  The purpose has been to gather with the intention not only to study the Bible, but to listen to one another and share hurts and day-to-day problems, knowing the needs will not only be prayed over but will be kept within the group.  Encouragement is a huge component as we are exhorted to “encourage one another daily” (Heb. 3:13a), and, of course, to experience fellowship with our sisters in Christ.

There have been and continue to be 6-8 women who meet each week throughout the year.  Some of the studies we have gone through have been authored by Max Lucado, Women of Faith and Dee Brestin, to name a few.  We honor one another by celebrating each member’s birthday with a “lunch-out” at a selected restaurant, which allows us further fellowship and a good unstructured time.  FEAST is always open to new people who seek Christian fellowship within a setting such as this and which meets during the day.

FEAST meets every Wednesday at 11:00am in the Church Fellowship Hall. Snacks are usually provided.


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